My Story

You are unique! God designed it that way. While your DNA determines your physical features, your life experiences impact who you are emotionally and spiritually.

Sharing your story is the beginning of a new discovery! By prayerfully completing the My Story Application you will examine your life within a framework that facilitates a meaningful and powerful ministry experience.

Here is how to get started. If you have Adobe Reader 8.0 or higher, you can download the My Story Application and fill it in on your computer at your own pace, save it, and then email it to us as an attachment. If you prefer, print the My Story Application, complete it by hand, and mail it to us. Either way, your personal information is kept personal. Anything you share with us is used entirely for ministry purposes.

Use this link if you would like to complete the My Story Application by filling in the form either on your computer or printing out and completing.
My Story Questionnaire (.pdf document)

To better help you gain more understanding of the Restoring The Foundations healing process, we have created a Ministry Receiver Preparation Packet. You can click here to see this resource.

You may have questions along the way. Most likely you will find the answers here on our website. If you can't find it here, please feel free to email us or give us a call. Simply click on "Contact Us" in the menu to the left.