Anger or Disappointment with God

A natural result of hurt is to question God’s “care” or to believe that if He does care, He cares more about other people than about us. Someone who feels God has hurt, betrayed, or abandoned him has a difficult time has a difficult time expecting to receive anything good from God, particularly healing. The bottom line of the “disappointment with God issue” is a lack of trust in God. Why would the one who “hurt” you want to heal you? People carrying hurt and/or disappointment often believe that God doesn’t care. This belief can form a barrier that blocks god’s voice and affects the entire relationship. The serious believer has to come to terms with such unanswered questions as:

  • God, where were you?
  • God, if you love me so much, why didn’t you intervene.
  • God, why didn’t you warn me not to get involved.
  • God, why have I had to go through this?
  • God, why don’t’ you answer my prayers?
  • God, why do you seem so far away, so hidden, so silent?
  • God, why is there so much suffering in the world?
  • God, why do people hurt and kill each other?

The gnawing fear that a caring God has abandoned us in our time of need must be addressed. There are several obstacles especially in religious circles to acknowledging this problem. Often people consider questioning God to be inappropriate, sacrilegious, ungodly, and even dangerous. They may see any attempt to work through honest, negative feelings as a lack of faith, weakness, or rebellion. A person may fear that God will be angry with him and punish him for having and expressing his real feelings. What will happen if you just burry these feelings? Your relationship with God will suffer. It will be hindered until these feelings are exposed and resolved. Until they are, you will feel as if you are merely going through Christian “motions.”

A turning point occurs when you realize the root cause of your hurt is the sin in operation in the lives of other people and/or your own life. Satan is always there encouraging sin to continue. As you think about the people and situations that have hurt you the most, allow god to reveal to you how sin is the underlying cause. When this principle is understood then it makes it easier to stop blaming God and begin putting the blame where it belongs. God promises to be with you through the pain, the hurt, the disappointment, the things that you don’t understand and the grief process – not only in the past, but also in the present as you through the pain. God doesn’t remove pain, but He goes through it with us.