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      Four Problem Areas
         Our God is the God of Truth
         God Heals Life's Hurts
         Our God Sets His People Free
         Our God Has a Generational Perspective
      An Integrated Approach
         Thorough Ministry Format

      The Cross
      Four Unchanging Laws
      God's Loving Design

      Making it Your Own
      Hearing God
      Prayer that Wins the Battle

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      Into Forgiveness
         Bedrock to Walk Upon
         A Justifiable Resentment
         Lord, Have Mercy on Me!
         Looking in the Mirror
         Selected Scriptures
      Generational Sin
         Basic Definitions
         Frequently Occuring Generational Sins, Curses, and Patterns
         Where do Curses Come From?
         Personal Responsibility
         Victory and Freedom
         Preparing for Freedom
         Ministry Steps to Break Generational Sins and Curses
         Selected Scriptures
      Ungodly Beliefs
         An Introduction
         The Belief-Expectation Cycle
         Belief Strongholds
         Breaking Free of Ungodly Beliefs
         Walking it Out
         Selected Scriptures
      Life's Hurts
         An Introduction
         What is a Hurt?
         Consequences of Hurts - Page 1
         Consequences of Hurts - Page 2
         Anger or Disappointment with God
         Steps to Overcoming Anger or Disappointment with God
         Possible Hindrances to Healing
         Pouring Out Our Complaint
         Perparation for Healing
         Selected Scriptures
      Demonic Oppression
         About Demonic Activity - Page 1
         About Demonic Activity - Part 2
         Preparing for Freedom
         Walking it Out
         Selected Scriptures
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